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Afroasia Enterprises Imports High Quality Automotive Equipment
Afroasia Enterprises was dedicated in importing high quality automotive workshop equipment from manufacturers. We import quality equipment including vehicle hoist, quality lift, gas analyzer, tyre changer, car lift, wheel balancer, wheel aligner, diagnostic scan tool, testing tools, coolant & A/C service equipment, injector cleaner, lubrication service equipment, collision repair equipment and much more. As an importer in southern countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, Afroasia Enterprises aims at bringing high quality product at very competitive price and unbeatable services for workshops owners and our corporate customers.

Ctek MULTI MXS15 Battery Charger
Ctek MXT 14 Battery Charger

12V / 24V 30amp Battery Charger Car Power Tool

Calibre Multi Output Battery Charger 12V 20AMP