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Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaning Methods

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The most certain and effective cleaning method is to remove the injectors from the vehicle for cleaning in a specialist injector cleaner. Such specialised cleaning equipment often utilises ultra-sonic cleaning in addition to special cleaning chemicals. Such systems also have the advantage of being able to test the injector's flow rate and spray pattern before and after cleaning to determine the effectiveness of the procedure and the serviceability of the injectors. The disadvantage of such systems is the added labour costs involved in removing and refitting the injectors.

The most basic of which is the DIY in-tank additive. Like many additives, the content of fuel system treatments is a mystery to those not in the industry. While some fuel manufacturers produce their own fuel system cleaners that they openly promote as being a more concentrated form of the cleaning package used in their fuels, the make-up of the majority of products is not widely known. Nor in many cases is their effectiveness.

DIY in-tank additive

Rail Flush Kits

Specialist Injector Cleaner.

The second form of injector cleaning falls under the general heading of Rail Flush Kits. In these systems the fuel pump is disabled. The fuel lines are then removed and replaced with a system that delivers a concentrated cleaner directly to the fuel rail and injectors. The engine is then run until the cleaning agent is used up.

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