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Spot Welder - Model SWA - 60A

Repair functions for various aluminium auto body
High welding strength without damaging back surface of metal coating and painting
Digital display, easy operation
Welding 4 mm - 8 mm aluminium stud and steel stud
Achieve the best welding result with micro processor control, advanced digital control, and special personalize design (choose the suitable welding strength)
Use HUA cure silicon steel chip, 100% copper core transformer
Use world famous brand DELIXI, OMRON, PANASONIC relay
Precise time adjustment system
Come with various of welding tools, sliding pulley, stud welding device, and infinitely current regulator


Input voltage: 240V 50Hz Power: 1.5 KVA
Fuse: 15A Insulation grade: H
Capacity: 70000 uf Weight: 52 kg
Charging voltage: 60-200V Stud welding size: 4-6 mm
Duty cycle: 80% Dimension:720x660x1550mm

(repair Aluminium,Steel,Iron,Copper..)