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Ctek MULTI MXS15 Battery Charger


The MULTI MXS15 (15A) is the perfect economic choice for larger batteries that needs charging and maintaining like caravans, smaller trucks and the workshop. The temperature sensor adjusts the charge voltage to suit the battery�s temperature to guarantee effective battery charging in all climates. Using its SUPPLY mode, the battery charger provides power even without a battery. The SUPPLY mode is indispensable when changing the battery as you avoid losing difficult-to-restore program settings. Using RECOND mode, you can correct the acid stratification that often occurs in deeply discharged batteries. The battery thereby has its power restored and has a longer service life

INPUT VOLTAGE                        220-240VAC, 50-60Hz
OUTPUT VOLTAGE                     14.4V, 14.7v, RECOND 15.8v, Sup 13.6
CHARGING CURRENT                  15A
RIPPLE                                    <4%
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE             -20�C to +50�C,

Output power is reduced automatically at higher temps
COOLING CHARGER TYPE Eight step, fully auto, switch mode with pulse maintenance.
BATTERIES All types of 12V lead-acid batteries
(Wet, MF, AGM, Cal/Cal and GEL).
BATTERY SIZE                          28-300Ah (up to 500Ah maintenance)
DIMENSIONS                          235x130x65mm
INSULATION IP                        65
WEIGHT                                 0.8kg