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Auto-Diagnostics, Brake Disc Skimming, Fuel Injector Cleaning, Battery Charging

Tyre Changers

Basic Tyre Changer

Deluxe Tyre Changer

Bigger and thicken body,suitable for new flat tyre

26” large disk and powerful motor,increase working strength

360°rotary type bending shovel can press differently
Automatic pneumatic, auto registration, pneumatic locked
Heighten, lengthen left help arm, can advance the covering surface
With supporting and pressing device, goes up and down balanced controlled by pneumatic
Combined type pressing devices, change free, suitable for any kind of tyre
Center finding device make the tyre and disk keep in the same round after instant orientation
24” large disk and powerful motor, large and thicken body, suitable for flat tyre
Quick air booster makes the steel and rim joint instant, especially in the tyre